Our Pastors

Pastor John’s Widow and Current Senior Pastor, Linda Honn

Pastor Linda Honn

Pastor Linda after years of rebellion finally gave her life to Yeshua in Dayton, Ohio in 1983. She started ministering in nursing homes and men’s and women’s prison ministries. She eventually moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1988. There she continued ministering in nursing homes and correctional facilities. She also began working with “House of Prayer Ministries in Cedar Rapids.

She met Pastor John during a revival service at Prairie Drive Full Gospel Church in Cedar Rapids in 1997. They began dating in February of 1998 and married in October of 1998. Pastor Linda then became Co-Pastor with Pastor John. Pastor Linda eventually took Bible courses thru United Christian Bible Institute in Cleveland Tennessee. She graduated and was ordained by the United Christian Church and Ministerial Association by affiliated pastor and evangelist Herald Lam in 2007.

It was determined by the congregation that Pastor Linda would continue the ministry of Anchored in Faith Gospel Church upon the death of her husband, Pastor John Honn on April 2nd, 2011. Pastor John assisted in training several lay teachers as well as other ordained evangelists and pastors over the years. Several of them have helped Pastor Linda fill the Anchored in Faith Gospel Church pulpit since Pastor John’s death.

Pastor David Rotzinger, Assistant Pastor of Anchored in Faith Gospel Church, and his wife Beatriz.

Pastor David & Beatriz Rotzinger

Assistant Pastor David Rotzinger, as a church member was very close to Pastor John Honn during the early years of Anchored in Faith Gospel Church.  He helped with the youth ministry as well as other aspects of church operations.  Pastor John also mentored David in his canvas business, helping him learn the trade.

Pastor David and his wife recently opened Miracle Coverings.  This new business will allow Pastor David to continue Pastor John’s legacy of assisting ministries with their tent needs in addition to selling other services and products.   This business will also allow Pastor David to balance making a living for his family with the ministry needs of Anchored in Faith.

In recent times, Pastor David has felt a call and burden to pastor Anchored in Faith Gospel Church.  He has been preparing for this call by completing Kingsway Fellowship International’s Minister in Training program.  Pastor David also holds Lay-Exhorter Credentials from Kingsway and is presently seeking an Associates Degree in pastoral ministries thru Canon Christian College. (PLEASE LINK)   Pastor David will receive hands-on training by assisting Pastor Linda with her pastoral duties.  The goal will be for Pastor David to take over leadership of Anchored In Faith when Pastor Linda retires.  Pastor David will be increasing his pulpit time in the weeks ahead.

Pastor David’s wife Beatriz is also a very valuable asset of Anchored in Faith Gospel Church. She was part of the original Anchored in Faith Youth Group.  She walks beside her husband in the performance of his duties as Assistant Pastor by assisting him wherever and whenever possible.  Beatriz also leads the children’s ministry.

Pastor David and Beatriz, with the help of Martin Fahnestock, are currently working on creating a new Anchored in Faith Gospel Church youth group.  Currently, the majority of the youth are their own kids.  However, we are believing Yahweh God for much more youth to join in.  Pastor David and Beatriz will also be handling much of the ministry needs of the improving Internet and Social Media outreach.

We expect that Pastor David and Beatriz will continue to provide many fresh new ideas to make Anchored in Faith more effective in spreading the gospel without straying from the biblical foundation that Pastor John founded Anchored in Faith Gospel Church on back in 1993.