Anchored in Faith Gospel Church believes that biblically you SHOULD give a tithe of 10% of your net income to YOUR HOME CHURCH if you have one.  That would be the particular church that you attend locally that minister to you.  This is a principle and guideline.

Anchored in Faith Gospel Church would appreciate any additional gift offerings beyond your home church tithe.

In addition, YOU SHOULD HAVE AND ATTEND A PHYSICAL CHURCH HOME THAT TEACHES TOPICS DIRECT FROM SCRIPTURE. If you don’t have such a church home and you RECEIVE your church teaching and ministry HERE thru the Anchored in Faith Gospel Church television and Internet outreach, then give your tithe to us and expect a blessing in return.  Many people have been blessed in many ways when giving what they were able to.

Please give your best gift (or tithe if applicable) via check to…

Anchored in Faith Gospel Church
P.O. Box 204
Oxford Iowa 52322.

Yahweh Father will bless you as you give. The vast percentage of your gifts will go to improve and maintain our church’s ministry outreaches.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

Driving the shortest routes to Anchored in Faith Gospel Church takes less than 35 minutes from Cedar Rapids Iowa and 20 minutes from Coralville Iowa.   Please come and check us out if you are in driving distance and in need of a good church home.